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Per-User License is required for each remote server where USB for Remote Desktop Igel Edition Server is installed. For every license, the number of sessions means maximal number of concurrent user sessions where the software is being used at the same time. Number of USB for Remote Desktop Igel Edition Workstation installations is not limited. Examples.

Per-User Licensing

A license is required for each remote side where USB for Remote Desktop Igel Edition Server is installed. There are several license types depending on the number users logged to the server.

Single-User Environment

Single-user environment

There are 20 remote Windows 7 virtual machines. Each user is connected to the individual virtual machine. A license is required for each virtual machine.

License: 20 licenses (Single user session).

Multi-User Terminal Server Environment

Multi-user environment

There is Windows 2013 Terminal Server. Up to 18 users are logged there.

License: Single license (20 user sessions).

Load-Balanced Environment

Load-balanced environment

In case if several load-balanced Terminal Servers are used and it’s impossible to predict the number of users on each server, Site License model should be used.

Number of Sessions

Single user session

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Number of Sessions

It's the number of users logged to the single remote server simultaneously.

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Update Subscription

As a licensed user you have the right to get software updates for free within 12 months.

After this period expires you can either continue using your last updated version for unlimited time, or renew your Update Subscription. Once you renew it, you'll be able to use newer versions and software updates again.

Support Plan

With High Priority Support Plan you will be provided with dedicated support contact who will care all your requests with the highest priority. It allows you to solve any issues as quickly as possible and avoid queues.

The price of High Priority Support Plan depends on the number of copies to be installed, Update Subscription period and, in some cases, on additional parameters like number of devices, ports, user sessions, etc.

Download Protection

Download Protection allows you to have a copy of your license key and installation files securely. You can always request the software or license keys in case you lose your data or replace your device.

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Depending on your billing location, value-added tax or other local sales taxes may be included in the order price. Taxes are processed automatically during the payment procedure after specifying your address.

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Renew Update Subscription

For existing customers only. As a licensed user you are eligible for updates during 12 months. After that period you need to renew your Update Subscription to be able to use latest versions of USB for Remote Desktop Igel Edition.


License Capacity Upgrade

For existing customers only. There is a possibility to upgrade your existing license configuration without buying completely new license (you can change number of licenses or number of user sessions).


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