Quick Start

First start the USB for Remote Desktop Workstation:

$ sudo /opt/ftusbrdp/sbin/ftusbrdpd

Normally, the process starts in a non-debug mode and is not daemonized. In this mode you can stop the workstation by pressing Ctrl+C in your terminal window.

To start the workstation in daemon mode use -d option. You will normally need this option in shell scripts (e.g. if you'd like to start the workstation every time on system boot).

$ sudo /opt/ftusbrdp/sbin/ftusbrdpd -d

To learn how to run the workstation automatically on system start please refer to your Linux distribution manual.

To see the list of all supported options, run:

$ /opt/ftusbrdp/sbin/ftusbrdpd -h

Daemon management can be done with a configuration file (for persistent changes) or via the command line utility.

Next, connect to RDP or ICA session using FtPlugins. See details in the next chapters:
Connecting to the Microsoft Terminal Server (RDP)
Connecting to the Citrix Server (ICA).