Installation Process

System requirements

Requirements Details
Operating system: Linux kernel 2.6.32 or greater.
Remote desktop clients: FreeRDP, Amazon WorkSpaces client, Amazon NICE DCV client, Citrix Workspace app, VMware Horizon client, HP Anyware PCoIP Client on Workstation side. HP Anyware PCoIP Agent on Server side.


To install USB for Remote Desktop (Linux version) Workstation, do the following:

  1. Download program installation package and ftplugins package corresponding to your architecture. The latest program version is available at
  2. Unpack two archive files:
    $ sudo tar -zxvf ftusbrdp-*.tar.gz -C /opt
    $ sudo tar -zxvf ftplugins-*.tar.gz -C /opt
  3. Copy default configuration file into /etc
    $ sudo cp /opt/ftusbrdp/doc/ftusbrdp.conf /etc
  4. Read user manual
    $ less /opt/ftusbrdp/doc/README

If you are using Raspberry Pi, beware not to share your network card. Put it into exclusion into configuration file:

[raspberry pi network card]