Working in Seamless Mode

Seamless mode is a remote desktop feature that allows to display only specified remotely hosted application without forwarding the whole desktop area.

USB for Remote Desktop works perfectly in seamless mode. But just keep in mind, in this mode there is no place for displaying USB for Remote Desktop tray icon because remote system tray is not forwarded from the remote session.

Using USB for Remote Desktop Workstation GUI

It's possible to control device redirection from Workstation side. It is really helpful when there is no way to use USB for Remote Desktop Server tray UI in the remote session.

USB for Remote Desktop Workstation GUI is installed on the Workstation side where USB devices are physically plugged. To launch it, click USB for Remote Desktop (Workstation Core) icon on the desktop or in the windows Start Menu.

USB for Remote Desktop Workstation

USB devices available for redirection are listed in the top part of the program window. Active remote desktop sessions are listed below. To redirect the device select it and click btn Redirect Device button. Then choose the active session where the device should be redirected.

USB for Remote Desktop Redirection

To stop device redirection select the device in the active session and click btn Stop Redirection button.

USB for Remote Desktop Redirected

Also, drag and drop is supported, so the devices can be redirected or un-redirected by simple drag-n-drop between Devices pane and active remote desktop sessions.

Using USB for Remote Desktop Window Menu

To configure this feature, you need to modify Windows Registry on the Server side. This requires Administrator privileges.

To configure USB for Remote Desktop Window Menu launch regedit on the Server side and find the REG_SZ parameter IncludeProcesses in the following registry location:


Modify the value to include comma-separated list of applications running in the seamless mode:

IncludeProcesses:REG_SZ = "app1.exe,app2.exe,app3.exe"

To switch between different USB devices right-click on the title bar of the application working in seamless mode, go to the USB for Remote Desktop item and choose the device.