Graphical User Interface

To launch the application, just run:

$ /opt/ftvusbnet/bin/ftvusbnetgui

GTK+ 3 is required.

Adding the remote USB Server

Click Add Server Add Server button. Specify the address and TCP port (default 33000) of the remote USB over Network Server. Then click OK.

Adding USB over Network Server

As a result, specified USB over Network Server will be added to the list of servers. If the server is active at the moment, the program will show the real-time list of USB devices shared on the server.

USB Devices List

USB Servers Auto-Discovery

USB over Network Client can discover USB Servers that are installed in your local network.

To connect a discovered USB Server select it in the left pane from the Discovered Servers list. Then click Add Server Add Server button. Network address and TCP port of the remote USB over Network Server fields will be filled automatically, so simply click OK.

USB Server Statuses

Status USB Server is available.

Status USB Server is unavailable.

Status USB Server connection is disallowed for some reason.

Connecting the Remote USB Device

USB Devices List

Select USB device and click Connect Connect button. If the selected device is available on the server, it will be connected to your computer over the network. If the device cannot be connected for some reason, you will be notified.

USB Devices List

Disconnecting the Remote USB Device

When remote USB device is connected to your computer, it is inaccessible for other users. To disconnect the USB device you have to select it from the list of devices and click Disconnect Disconnect button.

Removing the USB Server

Select the Server that you want to remove from the list and click Remove Server Remove Server button. All connected devices shared on the Server will be disconnected automatically.