Installation and First Run

System requirements

Requirements Details
Operating system: Linux kernel 2.6.32 or greater.
Remote desktop clients on the Workstation side: FreeRDP, Amazon WorkSpaces client, Amazon NICE DCV client, Citrix Workspace app, VMware Horizon client, HP Anyware PCoIP Client.
Remote desktop servers on the Server side: Teradici PCoIP Agent, HP Anyware PCoIP Agent or NICE DCV Server.


To install USB for Remote Desktop (Linux version) Server, do the following:

  1. Download program installation package and ftplugins package corresponding to your architecture. The latest program version is available at
  2. Unpack two archive files:
    $ sudo tar -zxf ftvusbrdp-*.tar.gz -C /opt
    $ sudo tar -zxf ftplugins-*.tar.gz -C /opt
  3. Unpack and build kernel module (requires gcc and kernel headers):
    $ cd /opt/ftvusbrdp/module
    $ sudo tar -zxf fthc-module.tar.gz
    $ cd fthc
    $ sudo make
  4. Load kernel module:
    $ sudo insmod fthc.ko
  5. Start USB for Remote Desktop Server:
    $ sudo /opt/ftvusbrdp/sbin/ftvusbrdpd

Now you can use USB device redirection in sessions. To see the list of all supported options, run:

$ /opt/ftvusbrdp/sbin/ftvusbrdpd -h

Daemon settings initialization can be done with a configuration file. Further daemon management can be done via the graphical user interface application or command line utility.