Command Line Utility

To use the USB over Network (Linux version) Server run the command line utility with the corresponding command:

$ /opt/ftusbnet/bin/ftusbnetctl <command>
Command Description
help Show this help.
list List available USB devices.
share <id>[:interface] [password] Share the device by its ID and protect connection to device by password. If interface is specified, only that interface will be shared, not the device as a whole.
unshare <id> Unshare the device by its ID.
callback add <address|name>[:port] [password] Initiate a callback connection to the client.
callback list List callback connections.
callback del <address|name> Remove the callback connection.
wait Wait for changes of device list or device state.
info <id> Show device information by its ID.
import <file> Import settings from configuration file. Root privileges are required.
export <file> Export settings to configuration file.


List available devices:

$ /opt/ftusbnet/bin/ftusbnetctl list 
ID         VID: PID: REV           Location  Device name and status 
107        07d1:3c03:0001               1-2  802.11 bg WLAN /Shared/ 
202        046d:c045:2730               2-1  USB Optical Mouse /Unshared/

Here the columns are:

Unique device identifier.
Device hardware identifier (vendor ID, product ID, revision).
USB device topology (can be "unknown" if your system cannot report the device topology).
Device name and status
Displays the name of the device and its current status (shared/unshared/connected).

Share the device by its unique ID (an example below shows how to share USB Optical Mouse from the list above):

$ /opt/ftusbnet/bin/ftusbnetctl share 202

NOTE: Sharing by the device ID allows you to share separately one of the devices that have identical VID:PID:REV.

To unshare the device use unshare command with the same syntax as share:

$ /opt/ftusbnet/bin/ftusbnetctl unshare 202