Converting Trial to Full Version

By default ftusbnetd daemon searches for the license key in the following file /etc/ftusbnet.key. You should create this file and paste your license key in it (including the "BEGIN" and "END" lines). Alternatively, you can specify a custom location of the license key file with the help of -k option:

$ sudo /opt/ftusbnet/sbin/ftusbnetd -k /path/to/license.key.file

License Server

We can provide our corporate customers with the License Server, which allows to add, remove and administrate license keys for FabulaTech products and allows to use the Floating Licensing model. Contact us to learn more.

To connect USB over Network (Linux version) to the License Server, daemon should be started with the -l option:

$ sudo /opt/ftusbnet/sbin/ftusbnetd -l SERVER
$ sudo /opt/ftusbnet/sbin/ftusbnetd -l SERVER:TCP_PORT


License Server IP or network name.
TCP port, optional. Default port is 33033.