USB over Network

USB over Network is a software solution that allows you to access remote USB devices over a TCP/IP network or the Internet, as if the devices were directly connected to your computer. USB over Network aims to simplify the management of USB devices by making one device accessible to multiple computers on a local network or enabling users to share devices with others in different locations, whether in another office, city, or even continent.

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USB for Remote Desktop

USB for Remote Desktop is a program that allows USB devices to be used in remote desktop session, virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) or cloud instance. It works with Microsoft RDP, Citrix ICA, Amazon NICE DCV, VMware Blast and Teradici PCoIP protocols. USB devices are precisely emulated on the remote side, so you can use literally any device in the remote session, even the most exotic, like cryptography tokens, medical, laboratory or industrial equipment, 3d printers and more.

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