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When you need to access remote USB device on another computer, you don't have a lot of options. You can either unplug the device and move it physically, or use some sort of sharing with a very limited number of device classes.

But with USB over Network by FabulaTech it's possible to organize low-level USB redirection over LAN or the Internet. And it works with virtually any device.

FabulaTech solution

USB over Network consists of two parts: Server and Client. The Server handles physical USB devices and shares them. And the Client installed on another computer connects these shared devices so they appears in the system as if they were physically plugged in.

USB over Network Client is free, so it's very convenient to share all required USB devices by one Server and have access to them from any computer with no extra payments.

USB virtualization

USB stack is fully emulated by the USB over Network. All incoming and outgoing packets are redirected between the real USB device and its virtual copy. So, while connecting shared remote device, its virtual copy appears in the Client OS indistinguishable from the physical one.

Works with virtually any device

Thanks to low-level USB virtualization, our solution is not limited to some specific USB device classes. Even the most exotic, rare or custom-made USB hardware can be shared and accessed remotely.

Windows, Linux and macOS are supported

Mixed environment is possible, when USB device is shared on one of the supported OS's and connected to a different one. USB over Network Server is available for Windows, Linux and macOS and the USB over Network Client is available for Windows and Linux.

A lot of useful features

  • Drivers are not required on the Server side. Moreover, even devices unsupported by the Server-side OS can be perfectly shared with USB over Network.
  • USB port can be shared instead of USB device. Any device plugged to that port becomes shared automatically.
  • Callback connections are supported, so the Server can force connection to the Client. Also, automatic connection of all shared devices can be configured on the Client.
  • Composite USB devices may be shared as a whole or per-interface.
  • Sharing Rules system allows fine-tuning of the sharing process for the certain devices or device groups.

Built with security in mind

USB data packets are transferred directly between Client and Server program parts, that are installed on your computers. No FabulaTech or any third-party servers are involved. The only exception is optional checking for new versions. So the solution can be locked in your local network without Internet access.

SSL encrypted link between a Server and a Client is supported. Password protection can be used for each individual USB device and the whole Server as well.

Using sharing rules certain device classes (e.g., flash drives, webcams etc.) may be forbidden or allowed for sharing.

And for uncompromising security we can build a version that connect only certain class of devices, upon request.

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