USB for Remote Desktop Preferences

To access program preferences, select Administrative Utility in the USB for Remote Desktop tray menu. Then go to the Settings menu and select Preferences…

User Interface Settings

User Interface Settings
Hide the tray icon if no connection is available
The tray icon is displayed if the Workstation side is installed and operates normally on the local computer.
Hide the tray icon if no devices are available
The tray icon is displayed if at least one USB device is plugged into the local computer.
Disable the tray notification about new devices
Don't show tray notifications about new USB devices.

Policy Settings

Policy Settings
Use only local storage
If enabled, the program will use local storage for both domain and local users.
If disabled, the program will use local storage for local users and domain storage for domain users
By default, this setting is disabled.
Autoupdate timeout of policy storages
Updatе intervals of the program's device policies received from domain storage data. This setting applies only if the domain storage is used. Changes in Local storage are applied immedately after policy modification.


Allow Smart Card Reader redirection
If enabled, USB Smart Card readers will be redirected by USB for Remote Desktop. This feature may improve compatibility with some software which use the Microsoft Smart Card API. Smart Card redirection feature of Microsoft RDP will be disabled if this option is chosen. This feature requires Windows 10, Windows Server 2016 and later on both sides.
Force printer isolation within individual sessions
In most cases printers are isolated within individual user sessions by default. But in some rare situations, users may see someone else's printer. Enabling forced printer isolation prevents this situations, but may slow down the performance of the program a bit.

Logging Settings

Logging Settings
Log level
USB for Remote Desktop logs only errors by default. If you need to log detailed information, choose debug in the drop-down menu.
Clear Log
All the previously logged information will be erased.
View Log
The log will be opened in the notepad.