Volume Licensing

License Usage Report

In case of multi-user environment there is a way to review license usage. Current state of the license is written to the licstat.txt file which can be found on the computer where USB for Remote Desktop Server is installed in the following location:

C:\ProgramData\FabulaTech\USB for Remote Desktop Server\licstat.txt

The file contains the following information:

  1. Date and time of last licensing event.
  2. License type.
  3. Number of acquired licenses, total licenses and list of computers that currently use license.
  4. Number of acquired sessions and list of connected users.

Example of licstat.txt contents:


Created 12:01:32 2022/04/08.

License type: "user"

Number of acquired licenses: 2 / 5	"SERVER2"	"SERVER1"		this license

Number of acquired sessions: 2 / 10
1	"SERVER1\user1"
2	"SERVER1\user2"

Each USB for Remote Desktop Server installation acquires separate license. USB for Remote Desktop Server requests the license on system startup. The license is released on system shutdown or product uninstallation.

Each user session acquires separate sublicense. The sublicense is acquired at the moment of first device being redirected to remote desktop session. The sublicense is released on user logout and becomes available for other users immediately.

License Server

We can provide our corporate customers with the License Server, which allows to add, remove and administrate license keys for FabulaTech products and allows to use the Floating Licensing model. Contact us to learn more.