Using USB over Network (macOS version)

Being installed on your Mac, USB over Network (macOS version) allows to share physical USB devices, which can be later connected by another computers with USB over Network Client installed, or redirected in remote desktop session with USB for Remote Desktop Server running.

USB device redirection

The USB over Network (macOS version) includes a standalone command-line interface (CLI) utility, which is used for program management. The utility is installed in the following location:

/Applications/USB over

To display the full list of commands and options available for the CLI utility, launch it with -h option in the Terminal:

$ /Applications/USB\ over\ -h
Usage:  ctl dev                         - show list of devices
        ctl dev list                    - show list of devices
        ctl dev unplug <devId>          - disconnect the device
        ctl dev share <devId>           - create rule for sharing exact device
        ctl dev block <devId>           - create rule for blocking exact device
        ctl conn                        - show list of active connections
        ctl conn list                   - show list of active connections
        ctl conn drop [-p port] <host>  - drop connection with the host
        ctl rule                        - show numbered list of sharing rules
        ctl rule list [-N]              - same as above
                                        -N - output without rule index
        ctl rule load [<path>]          - load ruleset from <path> or stdin
        ctl rule edit                   - edit current ruleset
        ctl rule test [-f <path>] -r|-h <host> <devId>    - test rules
                                        -r - remote desktop connection
                                        -h <host> - connection from host
                                        -f <path> - ruleset from <path> or - for stdin
        ctl lic                         - show license information
        ctl lic show                    - show license information
        ctl lic load [-y|-n] [<path>]   - load license key from <path> or stdin
                                        -y - don't ask for confirmation, apply license key
                                        -n - check license key without applying it
        ctl monitor                     - monitor events from the daemon
        ctl -h                          - this help
  • Administrative rights are required to drop connection with host or apply license key.
  • After executing ctl conn drop command the client will be prevented from reconnect during the next 30 seconds
  • After executing ctl dev unplug command the device will be prevented from reconnect by this client during the next 10 seconds