Sharing Rule Example

Device: electronic key Aladdin Token JC

Device parameters:

VID: 0x529
PID: 0x620
Rev: 0x100
Class: 0xb
SubClass: 0x0
Protocol 0x0
Port: 1-1

Strict Sharing Rule

Share the USB device with the Share Device Share Device button on the taskbar. The electronic key doesn't have a serial number. Thus, a strict rule will be created under which any similar device plugged into that USB port (Port 1-1) will be shared.

Strict Rule

Rule for Sharing Several Identical USB Devices

When you need to share several identical USB devices, create a rule with the Port field blank. The rule will now be applied to all Aladdin Token JC electronic keys.

Non-Strict Rule

Note: The first rule is a strict one. It has higher priority and will be applied first.

According to the second rule every newly plugged Aladdin Token JC electronic key will get shared.

"Don't Share" Rule

To unshare the plugged Aladdin Token JC electronic key, click the Stop Sharing Stop Sharing button on the taskbar. As soon as you click the button, a strict rule will be created for this device. Under this rule the defined electronic key will be unshared.

Prevent Rule

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