Brief problem description

I use Windows Vista 64bit, and anyone who uses a 64bit OS knows how difficult it can be to find drivers that work for this architecture. I simply needed to use my printer, which is hooked up via USB to my PC. Many new motherboards don't have the printer port, and thus USB printers are becoming more and more prominent in the market.

After learning that my printer had 32bit drivers and there was no intention to make 64bit drivers, I looked for a way to network my printer. I used Virtual PC 2007 to install a version of Windows XP, and tried several USB networking software.


A quick google search found me several USB networking software options. The ease of use and ease of connection that I got from USB Over Network quickly made it the number one choice. As well, there were fewer glitches... in fact, I haven't had even one problem with USB Over Network so far!

USB Printer over Network

Thanks to FabulaTech and their extremely stable software, I can now print as many pages as I need!

Thomas Belway,

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