Project Description

We have a lot of different projects with the same background: DDC controller programming using a special software that requires a dongle. Sometimes, client makes a request to modify a script in the DDC controller to better suit his needs and/or additional requirements according to his use case. And every time we had to drive to the site and configure the DDC accordingly using our dongle on the local PC.

Problems Faced

The problems we were facing are the long drive to project's locations and multiple requests from the clients which forced us to drive several times to adjust the software.

FabulaTech Solution

We found USB over Network in the Google search while looking for a method of USB port / device sharing through the Internet.

Now we can install the software on the local PCs and activate it using the dongle shared through the Internet with USB over Network. Thus, FabulaTech solution allowed us to adjust the software remotely via AnyDesk. This saved us from necessity of driving to the sites and allowed to minimise the response time for client's requests.

USB over Network

Why to Choose FabulaTech

USB over Network by FabulaTech is a straightforward and easy solution. In conjunction with AnyDesk (free of charge) it solved our problem easily and the price of solution meets our budget.

Bassel Copti

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