So, actually, I had an idea brewing for a while. I wanted to try some remote gaming over IP. I knew I needed to use a controller which didn't seem possible remotely. I decided i needed a solution that would allow me to transfer the controllers USB connection to my home pc.


I tested other solutions, they didn't seem to work quite right, or were difficult to set up. I found that FabulaTech USB over Network ended up working the best. To get this to work, I used Splashtop client/server for viewing my screen. I then connected a xbox360 controller to the client end, and use FabulaTech USB over Network to connect the usb from my controller over the internet to my gaming pc! Almost like those online gaming services that are offered like onlive. Except it's the service is FREE from MY pc. Every game I threw it it which used a usb controller was fast and responsive. I have a pretty good connection to my home pc considering.

With that working I ended up using FabulaTech USB over Network to transfer files to and from my virtual machines running on vmware. This worked really well, I was suprised at the rate of transfer over the public internet.

My last test was syncing my Mobile phone to my home PC. I leave it connected from work to sync with my itunes collection.

So, since I accomplished all the above I decided to test it as a security device from my home to transfer a webcam to my work PC. I figured this would work well in capturing video on a remote drive in case anything happened at home. The problem I faced was the frame rate of the video wasn't quite what it would be directly connected to the pc. But this actually wasn't too bad as it saved me extra room on my hard drive in recording frames. There are many uses for FabulaTech USB over Network. I've just yet to find them all.. ;)

Donald Annis

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