Brief problem description

It's nice to see someone concerned about their products. My problem seemed simple, but turned out worse.

My old laptop failed and of course all the new ones come with the Vista operating system. At home I have a HP desktop (Vista Home Basic) connected to a Sharp AL-1642CS multifunction printer. I also use my laptop (Vista Home Premium) to share this printer. XP worked fine, but here is what Vista did. Either computer would print fine connected directly to the printer, but when shared the laptop only printed blank pages.

From what I found searching Google this is a common problem. I also search Google for some kind of resolution to the problem.


I used the evaluation of the USB over Network program and it allowed me to set up remotely just as if the printer was connected to my laptop. It even allowed me to use the scan function which normally would not be available with sharing.

Sharing Multifunctional Printer

This program would allow using the multifunction without a print server or running more wires.

Dick Fojtik
Bremerton, Washington

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