Project goal:

To share my USB printer, which is connected to my desktop, to other computers in my home network.


Sharing the printer with Windows traditional network sharing is not ideal. Printer status information, such as ink level, does not transmit well over traditional SMB printer sharing. A remote USB solution, on the other hand, makes the printer driver installed on my laptop behave as if the printer were directly attached.


Googling for "remote usb software". One thing though: I would like the software to work as a service under Windows so that the printer sharing feature could be available to remote users even before a user logs on to the main computer. I haven't tested this yet, maybe this feature is already incorporated.

Sharing Printer

Clean, clear and beaufitul interface, very simple installation, 'just works'. My main computer runs Vista 64-bit and other remote USB drivers I tested were incompatible. This one seemed to work just fine.

Gustavo Saito

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