USB Support for VirtualBox Environment

I need to test various software packages in a virtual machine environment. These software packages need access to USB devices. Support for USB in VirtualBox is unreliable.

USB over Network solves this situation by providing access to my USB devices from within the virtual machine over reliable TCP/IP.

Testing USB software in VirtualBox

USB for Terminal Services

Due to company security policies our server needs to be placed in locked room. This server needs access to USB devices which require user interaction and physical access. Using terminal services the user can interact with the server software but the server cannot connect to the remote users USB device.

USB over Network solves this situation by allowing the server software to control the usb device at the remote users location. The remote user can use the server software which can connect and control the remote users USB device. This solves a huge problem of using software and devices while maintaining company security requirements. Thank you FabulaTech!

Accessing local device in Remote Session
Bruce Brown

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