1. Share USB Device with USB over Network Server

Run USB over Network Server program. Select USB device you want to share and click Share Device Share Device button.

Quick Start

Now USB device is shared and ready for use by USB over Network Client.

2. Connect remote USB Device with USB over Network Client

Run USB over Network Client program and click Add Server Add Server button.

Quick Start 1

Click Browse to select remote computer with shared USB devices and click OK. As a result, specified USB over Network Server will be added to the list of servers. If the server is active at the moment, the program will show real-time list of USB devices shared on the server.

Quick Start 2

Now, select USB device and click Connect Connect button. If the selected device is available on the server, it will be connected to your computer over the network. If the device cannot be connected for some reason, you will be notified.

Now remote shared USB device is ready for use on your local computer.

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