My son is mad about Flight Simulator, so we decided to install one of the most used, but obviously this kind of software has a lot of GPU and CPU requirements, so I had to install a virtual machine in my workstations, more powerful than my son's laptop in order the 3D Simulator software could be executed in good way.

For this kind of software is almost mandatory to use a special peripherals (Rudder, Pedals etc.), connected by USB. So we had an expensive software running in expensive hardware with a complex virtualization deployment and an expensive peripherals installed in my son's laptop, but the solution didn't work because regular remote protocol (in that case RDP) does not allow to use this kind of USB devices in the remote virtual machine (even if you use the enhanced remote FX Microsoft feature).

Using Gaming Controllers over RDP

We started to seek for a software that could give us a solution, and we tried three or four of them. Finally we decided to buy FabulaTech USB for Remote Desktop because:

1. It is so easy to use, the server part of the software is installed in the remote machine, so that means that the workstation where your USB devices are connected does not need any complicated configuration and for the user is really straightforward. Just run the Remote Desktop and the remote machine recognised the Devices without any user intervention. In other words most of the other solution are working just the other way around, the server side of the solution is running in the User workstation so that force to the user to configure and manage the USB devices Remotization. And it does not allow to use the same remote machine for more than one user (typical Terminal Server or Citrix Xenapp scenarios).

2. It is very stable, some of the software we tested got stuck after some time, or were not fully compatible with some environment software versions (W2K12 R2 with Windows 10 and Windows 7).

3. FabulaTech solution allows me to extend in the future the use to more users very easily. And it has a profile management feature really useful for this kind of scenarios (More than one user running remote application or remote session from the same server (Terminal server or Citrix).

4. It is not my case, but it allows the LDAP (AD DS) integration for profile management, so it is ready for Professional/Corporate use.

Ricardo Huerta

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