Network Settings

Network Settings
TCP-port number used by USB over Network Server.
Enable UPnP port mapping
If you have a UPnP-compatible network router, you can enable this option for simplified local network access as well as remote access via the Internet.

Please note that the changes will only take effect for new connections, and will not apply to existing connections.

All USB over Network Clients must be reconfigured to use the same TCP-port number as USB over Network Server does (refer to Changing the Network Settings in USB over Network Client help).

Ping Options

Server and Client sides are sending ping packets to each other. If nothing received for a specified time, the connection will be considered as broken. Ping packet interval and timeout settings can be specified on this tab.

By default, these options will be also applied for all connected Clients. But it can be overridden on each Client individually.

Use these options carefully and in accordance with corresponding settings on Clients! Break connection interval should be several times greater than Ping packet interval to avoid misoperation.

Alias Name

In some situations it is convenient to identify computers with USB over Network installed by their unique Aliases. You can specify the Alias Name of the current computer and choose whether to show aliases of other computers instead of hostnames.